Styling Services

All styling services begin with you completing a survey detailing your personal style, design needs and style icons.  With this information we will create a custom experience to be sure you reach your specific styling goals.

The Closet Make Over

For styling the best place to start is with what you already have.  The Closet Makeover is a 2-3 hour session during which time I will evaluate your current wardrobe and determine which items to keep, which donate and which to send for tailoring.  All remaining items will then be organized by color and style.

Once all items have been sorted I will create looks from what you already have and create a shopping list for which items are needed to maximize your wardrobe.  We will also discuss your personal style and what is in fashion to be sure you have a clear direction for your future shopping trips.

1 Session- up to 4 hrs

The Wardrobe Overhaul

The Wardrobe Overhaul starts with everything included in the Closet Make Over but also includes the next steps in your design journey.  Photos will be taken of wardrobe combinations for all areas of life (work, leisure, evening, cocktail etc.).  A private Pinterest page will be created to store the outfits made with your current wardrobe, design inspirations and your shopping list.  Once the items in the shopping list have been purchased (as well as all of those unexpected finds) we will meet again to style and photograph more outfits. This package is available with or without personal shopping services.

In the end, you will have a full wardrobe that will allow you to be stylish in all situations.

2 Sessions- up to 6 hrs

Personal Shopping

Personal shopping is our elite service and consists of everything in the Wardrobe Overhaul but includes personal shopping services at selected stores.  You are welcome to join but you are also welcome to relax and avoid the headache of the crowded retail atmosphere.  After organizing your closet, photographing your current styles and creating your shopping list I will purchase the needed items and return for a fitting/styling session.  This package allows you to revolutionize your wardrobe from the comfort of your home.

3 Sessions- up to 12 hrs

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