Looking Sharp Without Breaking The Bank

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

As you may have come to find out, I do love the look of a good tailored suit. It can give any man confidence when a sharp suit fits them well. Part of making any suit or dress pant look on point is definitely the shoes. I recently collaborated with a shoe company called Beckett Simonon, which I was drawn to their concept of individual handcrafted shoes that can be made for you at a fraction of the cost of most dress shoes. Since I recently bought my baby blue jacket, I wanted to give it an extra pop and Beckett Simonon came through with their Valencia Wholecuts dress shoes. They made me look sharp without breaking the bank! Now I’m dreaming of what my next pair of shoes will look like…

{Here is a way to put something extra in your Gentleman’s Kit. Click on this link to get your own custom shoes}

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